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Rob Riggle to Star in HBO’s Lifestyle Lemonaid

Rob Riggle to Star in HBO's Lifestyle Lemonaid

Rob Riggle to Star in HBO’s Lifestyle Lemonaid

Rob Riggle is set to star in the sitcom ‘Lifestyle Lemonaid’ as part of a new development deal with HBO. The project is based on Nikki Joel’s blog at LifestyleLemonaid.com. The primary subject is Mr. Joel, including posts on “the time he wanted to have a vasectomy, the time she caught him masturbating in the middle of the night during an earthquake, and the time he erased all her TiVo-ed shows because he was pissed she’d gone out three nights in a row without him.” Riggle will play the husband, and according to Deadline, is involved in the development of series with writer Jordon Nardino (‘Desperate Housewives’). Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson (‘Entourage’) are executive producing. If HBO does not pick up Lemonaid to series, they will develop other projects for Riggle.

I like Riggle. That said, this seems like a weird vehicle for him. I am very curious to see who the network wants to cast as the wife. Riggle will next be seen in 21 Jump Street when it opens March 16, 2012. His next film, Everybody Loves Whales, should hit theaters later in the year.

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